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Anyone can become a change maker

Here is some tips on how to start

Client 2

Invest in solar panels

Trine makes it easy for people to invest in solar energy in growing markets, offering a return on investment that's good for people, for planet and for profit.

If the solar partner succeeds to repay the loan you'll get back your investment with interest.

Client 3

Become a deedster

Sustainable living.
Step by step. Deed by deed.

The Deedster App is the climate calculator that makes it both easy and fun to be climate smart.
Challenge your friends,

mother-in-law or colleagues in acting for the planet.

Client 5

Eat vegan

Arstiderna delivers weekly a bag of groceries, recipes and inspiration. Good taste, health, climate friendliness and of course green dishes are always focus in the vegan bag. Get a weekly delivery now!

Client 6

Rent, Borrow or Share

At Hygglo you can try a consumption free lifestyle where owningship is long gone. Hygglo finds people in your neighborhood that lend their stuff at times that suit you. Never buy anything again!

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