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If I am to describe my work without mentioning sustainability, it would be that "I make people passionate about things that they don't care about". Sometimes sustainability offers challenges and then I am here to relieve you from day one. Want to know more about how my consulting services can help you and your company grow? Book an introductory meeting today.


Tack för ditt meddelande!



There are people who are extremely quick to adopt new methods, new insights and new colleagues to create results. There are also people who do this to make the world a better place. Amanda is such a person. And she also has a smile on her face while she does it.

Kaj Török

Chief Sustainability Officer
Max Hamburgers


Amanda Borneke has undoubtedly become a voice to listen to in sustainability Sweden. Her work with sustainability profile podcasts, makes scars she invites her followers, and inspires sustainable behaviors. She has drive like no other and lives as she teaches.

Åsa Sandberg

Sweden Country Manager

Too Good To Go


No doubt Amanda is passionate about sustainability work! The spring section on the BIM pod was a success. Amanda was well prepared, down to earth and inspiring. Do not hesitate to hire her if you want a sustainability inspirer in the construction industry!

Adam Mohammadi

Program host

BIM Podcast

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