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Pressmeddelande: Amanda Borneke is the Key Listener at COP25

Uppdaterat: 30 dec. 2023

Together with the climate ministers, I focused on the expectations of the climate meeting, and I got the oppertunity to closely follow the Nordic countries and report on what is being discussed in Madrid and on the Nordic cooperation's climate weeks in Stockholm. Host for the events is the Nordic Minister Council.

Amanda Borneke, Key Listener from Sweden and Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Iceland's Nordic Minister for Cooperation

The week started with me joining a LIVE broadcast from the COP25 Live Hub. Where I pressured Nordic Ministers to increase their political will to prioritize climate change interventions.

”Tax pollution and not people. My vision is to have a construction project where we measue carbon and not money. It gets very expensive building cheap. We need to change now.” - Amanda Borneke, Key Listener Sweden.,

I got a great response for my statement. After the panel I was interviewed by Swedish Television and Sami News Oppsat.

The first panel debate “Hopes and expectations for COP25 - Nordic Climate Ministers & young people” was aried LIVE on the 2nd Dec. Did you miss it? No worries, I have uploaded the link below.

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