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Here's an overview of my research

From Farm to Fabric: A Measurement of the Sustainability in a Textile Production in India

A value chain for a textile production can be described as transforming a crop into a textile, then turn the textile into a fabric, then create a product from that fabric - a horizontal chain from farm to fabric. This paper analyses the different activities within a value chain of a sustainable textile production in India to understand where, and how, sustainable value is added at each stage. The transformation from farm to fabric involves many stages such as farming, yarn manufacturing, dyeing, fabric manufacturing, finishing and storage.

Foggy Forest


We know that food waste is an unnecessary culprit that can be reduced by breaking bad habits and encourage smarter behaviors. ICA CR Logistics wants my help to find new ideas and solutions on how wastage of food and other products can be minimized at the central warehouse in Västerås, Sweden. I saw this as a great opportunity to use my environmental communication and management studies to make a difference in a concrete nudging project as part of my thesis.   

This article challenges the nudge agenda by pointing out critical issues concerning the legitimacy of nudging. The broader notion of nudging has estimated from liberal paternalism and can be explained as the policy attitude that seeks to preserve the freedom of choice (liberal), but still motivate the public sector to alter individuals in ways that promotes welfare states (paternalism). The basic idea is to that people still make their own choices, but the choice architecture is designed to achieve certain behavior.

This thesis is not yet published! Stay tuned.

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