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Let's change the world. Together.

I'm recognized as a leading Sustainability Consultant in Sweden and beyond. I offer my clients and a variety of services, which can be used for them to grow and develop. Do you need help with project planning, business analysis or environmental communication? 

Sometimes sustainability offers challenges and then I am here to relieve you from day one. Want to know more about how my consulting services can help you and your company grow? Below are amuse-bouche examples of my talents.



Event markering, product placement, advertising and sponsorships



Eye-opening speeches, lectures and inspiring sessions


Business development, environment communication and sustainability

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Her sharp tongue cuts through every screen, text or other media


Creating the future today

Sustainability is simple and every company can become a role model in their field. Let me guide you through the sustainability jungle!


Firstly, I will evaluate your current business management system, approaching your business from 26 angles and then finishing with the yearly internal revision.

All three pilars of Sustainability (profit, planet and people) is covered, or bought separately. You can choose between three different levels, where the highest score matches the requirements specified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. 

Including for example: Relevant policys, Target image, Goal plan, Chemical Management and more.

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Most common mistake is that the Sustainability communication is made for the 5% already understanding the issue, and not to the other 95% thats needs to hear this message the most.  

With me at the helm, we steer your communication in the right direction. The brand format is depending mostly on company size, but also on ambition. The branding format can be based on the 17 SDGs from UN, the nine planetary boundaries or the three pilars of sustainability (profit, planet and people). 

Covering for example: Strategy, Brand integration, Green Washing, Do's and dont's, Social media and more.


They don't call me queen of reuse for nothing! I have a huge network of both producers/material brokers ready to take care of your waste and deconstructors to demount it for you. Profit and logistics is key. Let's go!

Including for example: Circular business canvas model, Material efficiency, Resource streams and more.

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Current and former clients

My extensive portfolio

No matter the industry

No matter the problem, I have the solution.

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Sustainable Energy
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