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Pressmeddelande: Amanda Borneke blir hållbarhetsexpert till Proptech Sweden

What is your expertise?

Sustainability, Circular demolition, Construction industry, Recycling, Behavioral change

Why did you join PropTech Sweden?

It about cooperation rather than competitiveness. I´m sick with companies that just want to share already "achieved" results. I'm interested in sharing the journey to get there: What mistakes were made and how did we work around them? My problem is someone else's solution or vice versa. The only way to discover new solutions is to scale up your knowledge and participate in networking. That’s why I’m here. Together we change the world. 

What is Proptech Sweden?

A community of professionals working within the property–technology industry in Sweden. Who invest, innovate, collaborate, share thoughts and ideas, and ultimately, help businesses to create and build better spaces for people to live and work. PropTech Sweden is all about innovation, if you want to be part of the growth of the next stage of the digital age you are in the right place. Our strengths lie in international links, think tanks, networking and above all a community on the pulse of the latest and imminent happenings in PropTech.

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